Veterans Day – Defending Our Home

November 11, 2015

     Our readings this Wednesday are in honor of our servicemen and women in recognition of Veterans Day which is today. May we all pray to support our military qualities of watchfulness, courage, obedience, strength, and sacrifice.
     Many events in the Bible cannot be pinpointed historically, but the Old Testament battle in today’s readings is not one of them.  Sennacherib’s siege of Jerusalem occurred in 701 BCE, and stone carvings and descriptions of this battle appear on the fortified walls of ancient Ninevah, the capital of ancient Assyria. This battle is also the subject of classic paintings (for example, included is an image of Peter Paul Rubens’ “The Defeat of Sennacherib”) and of poetry (included is a link to Lord Bryon’s “The Destruction of Sennacherib”).
     Sadly, ancient Ninevah is near modern-day Mosul in northern Iraq, and many of its antiquities were destroyed in February 2015 by ISIS.
     I just wanted you to be aware that this Old Testament battle is very much apart of our world news today!