Music: “Singing in the Light of God”

April 30, 2014

The story of David “girded with a linen ephod” and dancing before the “Ark of the Lord” is included in this Wednesday’s readings, so I’ve included a link to short Bible Notes (with pictures) in case you aren’t familiar with these terms.
I’ve also included a link to a Sentinel article interviewing Kirk Jones, a Massachusetts pastor who wrote a book on The Jazz of Preaching.  Kirk was one of my high school classmates, so I was quite excited to see him on the cover of the Sentinel years later!
We have a special treat for you this Wednesday as Dan is introducing a NEW musical instrument to accompany our hymn singing. It harmonizes perfectly with our joyous subject on music. We are also closing the service with a multimedia presentation involving the “Siyahamba” hymn in our Hymnal Supplement.  If you cannot attend in person, then we hope you will watch this inspiring video of this song recorded in Christian Science churches throughout the world.


April 23, 2014

Jesus’ parable about the woman hiding the leaven is included, and so you will find two passages from Prose Works at the end of the readings which give further insight into the meaning of this parable.  The leaven is also referenced in “Choose Ye” which is our reading assignment for this year’s Annual Meeting.

Passion Week: Sacrifice

April 9, 2014

Last Wednesday’s readings covered Gethsemane and Jesus’ trial before Pilate. Our readings today are about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and next week we will reach the crowning glory of the Resurrection.  For those who have been following along, we have completed almost all of the “Atonement and Eucharist” chapter in Science and Health.
Thank you for your support of this Passion Week study. If you’ve gained any inspiration from this in-depth and chronological study, please send me an email or voice memo so that I can share it with our congregation on Wednesday night.  Or, if you can attend church in person, we are always happy to see you!

Passion Week: Yielding to the Divine

April 2, 2014

Last week our readings covered Jesus’ contemplative prayers at the conclusion of the Last Supper.  In comparison, the readings today appear full of action with Jesus’ betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane through his trial. The hymns selected for tonight summarize how God and His angels comfort us in times of persecution.  Here is the last stanza of the last hymn we are singing tonight:

O joy that ever will remain,
Midst seeming sorrow, hate, and pain,
Our hearts to fill with this glad song
That soars above the mists of wrong:
Man is the loved of Love.