The Practical Nurse

November 4, 2015

     These readings are dedicated to all the caregivers and nurturers, the comforters who nurture the Christ in us.
     Here is a lovely poem from the Christian Science Sentinel on the subject of Christian Science Nursing:
Let us be quiet together, you and I,
Gently affirm the truth and nail the lie,
Know we are in God’s spiritual likeness made—
Nothing can harm us, nothing make afraid.
Yes…but until we glow in this true light,
I will sit up with you, my friend, tonight.
God fills all space. Around, below, above,
There reigns the sweet compassion of His love;
But till the fear has gone, the pain has fled,
Here is a downy pillow for your head,
A sheet pressed smooth, a supper on a tray.
Till false illusions fade and drift away
And as the sons of God we take our stand,
Let there be soothing word and helping hand,
Let the intrinsic prayer have outward sign,
Coincidence of human with divine. (Virginia Thesiger, May 23, 1977)
     You’ll notice that the Bible readings reference the term “antichrist,” and so I’ve included some articles defining antichrist as a claim that we are not entitled to make the Christly presence practical.  “No healing yet? Silence the antichrist!” by Nathan Talbot is a particular favorite.
     You could think of these readings as a continuation of the earlier readings on The Skillful Surgeon.  If you think of the “sword of Truth” as the Christ, then you could also think of The Practical Nurse as the Comforter; these are the Truth and Love delivering us from the depths (SH 567).
And for history buffs, there is also a great “MBE Mentioned Sylvester Graham” podcast about Mrs. Eddy’s reference in Science and Health to the dietary reformer whom we now remember for his graham crackers.