James – The Work of Faith

November 25, 2015


     This week’s National Bible Week encourages everyone to read their Bibles, and this Wednesday, we will be reading from one specific book of the Bible.  The Book of James is only five short chapters, yet Mrs. Eddy quoted more than 30 times in her published writings from this short letter generally attributed to Jesus’ brother. It is amazing how this one easy-to-read letter covers so many contemporary issues, such as the power of prayer, patience, and the virtue of holding your tongue!
     During our Wednesday service, we will be singing some new Thanksgiving hymns from the 2016 Christian Science Hymnal Supplement. This Supplement has not been printed yet, but the hymns are available online; and so there are links to these hymns on the readings page.
     National Bible Week has been observed from Sunday until Sunday during the week of Thanksgiving every year since the beginning of World War II.  In the Message to The Mother Church for 1902, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, ““Our thoughts of the Bible utter our lives” (p. 4), and the first important point or religious tenet of Christian Science states, “As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life” (SH 497).  Mrs. Eddy used an extensive collection of Bibles, and according to the Mary Baker Eddy Library, she had 39 different Bibles in her home at Chestnut Hill.
     In observance of National Bible Week, our church is displaying some different translations and modern paraphrases of the Bible downstairs in the Sunday School. This Bible collection will be there until next Sunday, and you are welcome to browse through these many Bibles ranging from the Jewish Tanakh Translation to the New New Testament for the 21st Century.
     Don’t forget that tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, is our special Thanksgiving Service.  It lasts an hour, and it will be held upstairs beginning at 10:30 am. It would be great to see you at these services!