Judges – Jephthah – Watch Your Words

October 7, 2015


     Have you ever wondered why the New Testament was so emphatic that you “swear not”? The story of Jephthah’s oath which went tragically awry gives you new appreciation for listening to God’s direction instead of making rash promises. Scholars are conflicted about the meaning of the sacrifice in Jephthah, so here is a link to some online Bible commentaries:
     I’ve also included some Journal and Sentinel articles about the need for change and flexibility instead of holding rigidly to a misguided belief.
     Jephthah will be our last judge for awhile, but I hope you have enjoyed our time in this book of the Bible. Each week these judges taught me something new and unexpected, and it was fun to find correlations between the Old and New Testament stories (such as Jephthah, then Herod’s fatal oath).