Judges – Trumpet the Truth (Gideon II)

September 30, 2015


     The title of this Wednesday’s lesson, “Trumpet the Truth,” is from a poem by Barbara Kelly from the January 1985 issue of The Christian Science Journal:
Be A Gideonite
Like a God-chosen soldier of Gideon,
listen and obey.
Stand in your place
and break earth’s fetters.
Then lift up the light revealed.
Trumpet the truth
and see the hosts of error flee!
     In the Wednesday readings, did you spot some of the layers of meaning with the barley bread, such as the sword, the Christ, the Truth?  Here’s a Bible Hub commentary about it:
The soldier’s dream was just as a man would dream in such circumstances. A round loaf of barley {the commonest kind of bread} was dreamed of as rolling down from a height and upsetting ‘the tent.’ …The interpretation needed no Daniel, but the immediate explanation given, shows not only the transparency of the symbol, but the dread in the Midianite ranks of Gideon’s prowess. A nameless awe, which goes far to produce the defeat it dreads, was beginning to creep over them. It finds utterance both in the dream and in its translation. The tiny loaf worked effects disproportioned to its size. A rock thundering down the hillside might have mass and momentum enough to level a line of tents, but one poor loaf to do it! Some mightier than human hand must have set it going on its career. So the soldier interprets that God had delivered the army into Gideon’s hand.  MacLauren’s Expositions http://biblehub.com/commentaries/judges/7-13.htm