The Skillful Surgeon

October 14, 2015

     ”Christian Science is always the most skillful surgeon, but surgery is the branch of its healing which will be last acknowledged” wrote Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health. (SH 402)  In Miscellany, when Mrs. Eddy was asked about surgery, she responded, “The work done by the surgeon is the last healing that will be vouchsafed to us, or rather attained by us, as we near a state of spiritual perfection.” (My. 345) In a short poem entitled “Treasure” by R. Charles Long in The Christian Science Journal, we read:
Go beneath the surface.
Expose every root of error.
Remove loose stones of regret—
Sands of the past,
Dig deep into knowing
That being, found in Christ,
Is the treasure—
Open to all,
Without measure.
     This week’s Wednesday readings are about this high class of physicians and the role of Christian Science. The topic is “The Skillful Surgeon.”
     You’ll notice in the readings that the 12 gems that the high priest wore on his breastplate in Exodus also appear as the foundational stones of the Holy City in Revelation.  George Denninger, one of the Bible Seminar speakers on Mark Mohlenbrock’s, wrote the following commentary in his book Revelation: The Prophecy and Fulfillment of Man:
     Each of the stones represents the testimony of God with us as the way out of every type and condition of mortal mentality.  Proofs of our fidelity are the foundation stones that ultimately allow us to stand on holy ground in the Promised Land — New Jerusalem.
     The stones in the high priest’s breastplate are prophetic of the gems that the twelve tribes of Israel become as they ascend the scale from bickering depravity to glorified sons and daughters. It is said that the last stone,  Jasper, represented the house of Benjamin, Jacob’s last son; yet it is the first foundation stone of the city of God: ”The first shall be last; and the last first” (Mark 10:31). . . .
     Each of Jacob’s 12 sons had flawed personalities as varied as those of all mankind. We overcome our earthly connection by peeling away what human birth and mortal history has done to us, thus revealing the pearl of great price right there within. . . .” (p. 231-32)
     It is interesting that today there are advertised diseases associated with these same gem colors.  It is a comforting thought that each of these disease-illusions can be brought into God’s presence for the illumination of healing.  Since I have been seeing lots of pink this month, I have included selections in tonight’s readings dealing with women’s health issues. I love this healing thought that the “Christ dwelt forever an idea in the bosom of God.” (SH 29)
     There are also many articles and poems about the Urim (lights) and Thummim (perfections), stones in Aaron’s breastplate. You’ll find these references on the readings link.
Later comment from George Denninger
     Thank you so much for writing.  It is a joy to hear about your resourceful and dedicated work for your congregation and the world.  I have never seen anyone post their reading with additional references online.  I also appreciate you telling me about including a passage from my book on Revelation.  It is always good to hear that it is being read and understood.