Melchizedek? Melchisedec Who?

September 17, 2014

The subject of this Wednesday’s readings is Melchizedek? Melchisedec Who?
Let me give you some background. Around 22 years ago when I was expecting my first child, I was feeling anxious as new mothers-to-be frequently are. I had a stack of Sentinels in my home, and I started reading an article about prayer.  The author, who was another expectant mom, was inspired to learn about Melchizedek, but I was stumped!  I had always fancied myself to be a Bible nerd, but who was this Melchizedek? Learning about him was very freeing for me, so I’ve included that article “So many ways to pray!”  (I’ve also included another article about the same story but from the perspective of employment.)
I’ve included some Bible notes about Abraham and Melchizedek (whose name is spelled differently between the Old and New Testaments for those who think the title has a typo).  In our readings about Abraham, we have been looking back at this patriarch through the eyes of Paul who added a spiritual interpretation from his own experience of meeting the Christ.
Abraham’s concept of God inspired a few painters, so I’ve included a link to a famous Russian icon.
As always, it would be great to see you on a Wednesday night at 4th Church, but if not, there is always SKYPE or speaker phone.  Last week, we did have someone on speaker phone from Vicksburg, and he could hear and participate just fine!