Holy City

September 24, 2014


This Wednesday we are concluding our series of readings about Abraham through the eyes of the New Testament apostle Paul.  Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that “To misunderstand Paul, was to be ignorant of the divine idea he taught.” (SH 560) This Wednesday’s readings are on the Holy City, which Mrs. Eddy describes as “the acme of this Science as the Bible reveals it” (SH 577). The Bible readings take you through some of the events that occurred when holiness was deemed to have occurred in a specific place, and I have included some photos connected to these stories. What a shift in thought it must have been when Jesus and his followers saw holy places differently!
On a personal note, the concept of the Holy City was very helpful to me awhile back when Nathan called to tell me that he was jumping out of a plane with a group of friends who had decided to go skydiving.  At the time, we were studying Revelation in our Time for Thinkers Book Club and discussing the Holy City, so it was comforting to place Nathan inside the walls of the Holy City, always surrounded and protected.  If you want to see Nathan joyously jumping out of plane, here it is (click on first box on right) :