Forgiving and Forgetting with Grace

June 10, 2015

In the Bible readings today, there is some genealogy with Noah’s sons:
Shem – the oldest son who is an ancestor of Abraham, and eventually Jesus
Ham – the younger son who is an ancestor of the Canaanites who were enemies of Israel
Japheth – the youngest son whose descendants were “the isles of the Gentiles.” (Genesis 10:5)  According to The New Oxford Annotated Bible, the descendants of Japheth had their center in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey.) The readings include Paul’s success with Gentile converts in Pisidian Antioch in Asia Minor as well as Mrs. Eddy’s insightful definitions for Noah’s three sons.
There is also a link to a Sentinel article, “Forgiving and forgetting,” by Harriet Schupp who was a beloved Christian Science practitioner in New Orleans several years ago.
Comment from reader – I learn something each day. I did not know Shem was in the lineage of Jesus.
Thanks for the article on Forgiving and Forgetting. 
And thank for your loving, self-sacrificing work you continue to do for many others.
Japhet sounds  more like the one to be in the lineage for Jesus than Shem.

My Reply – Shem – Christ; Japhet – Comforter