The Covenant – Love

February 4, 2015

I hope you have enjoyed our three-part series on the Covenant which we are completing tonight. “The Way” by Mary Baker Eddy provided structure for this concept of the covenant, and we have been following her stages of growth: self-knowledge, humility, and love. We have also been correlating our readings with the “scientific translation of mortal mind” from the physical to the moral to the spiritual (SH 115-116).

The marriage covenant has been a useful symbol to understand these stages from the physical two by two on Noah’s ark to the moral striving after the 10 Commandments where the Israelites were compared to an unfaithful spouse. Today’s readings include the Lamb’s wife in Revelation which Mrs. Eddy defines as “Love wedded to its own spiritual idea. (SH 575). (There is a good article explaining this at-one-ment by John Stark Seeley posted on the readings page.)

You might want some clarification with the word “testament.” In Matthew 26:28, we read about the “blood of the new testament” in the King James version. Other Bible translations use the word covenant instead of testament. Mrs. Eddy also uses the word covenant, as in “Have you shared the blood of the New Covenant…?” (SH 33) I am mentioning this because in today’s readings, we also have the word testament meaning a document of inheritance, as in a “last will and testament.” (Hebrews 9:15)