“Elect Angels”

October 19, 2016


Don’t you love the title of this Wednesday’s readings? It is a quote from I Timothy 5:21, and it makes me think differently about this presidential election.  I’ve included a poem and some Sentinel articles on the research page which are also very helpful for these elections. Here is John Randall Dunn’s definition of “God’s elect”:

Who are the elect but they who elect to think rightly—to reflect God, Love, Principle? The right thinkers, those who elect and strive to be spiritually-minded, are therefore the hope of the race. Theirs is the privilege of uncovering and annulling the secret efforts of mental suggestion to befuddle and control thought, to keep in darkness through mass hypnotism men and nations. It is their privilege and duty to halt mortal mind outrages and atrocities through the understanding that the Lord God omnipotent reigns, and that there is no Mind but His; to know that Love is and cold barbarism is not; to know that God’s kingdom, the reign of harmonious being, is come, and that evil, war, hate, greed, misunderstandings, minds many, and all the etceteras of hell and suppositional demons, are nought but phantoms of the night, and therefore are not happening in the realm of Truth. (“Look up, and lift up your heads,” by John Randall Dunn from the April 20, 1940 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel)

I also appreciated this article on “Saying goodbye” which was addressing the sadness of divorces, moving on, passing on, but which could also apply to the time after an election when a preferred candidate doesn’t win. James Robert Blunt wrote:

Pray over relationships until you can honestly give everyone his or her proper name: God’s elect, His very own child, image, likeness, or idea. Nothing can impede our spiritual progress—not even our own or others’ false classifications. Mrs. Eddy clearly spells out the requirements for all healing in this concise statement: “To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science.” (“Saying goodbye,” by James Robert Blunt from the September 20, 1982 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel)

The Second Epistle of John is dedicated to the “elect lady.” No, I am not predicting an election outcome; “elect lady” is a reference to a local church. (The New Oxford Annotated Bible, p. 2146)

At the end of the readings are some of Mrs. Eddy’s prayers about government found in Prose Works. There have also been some helpful short podcasts (under 10 minutes) on Sentinel Watch about prayerfully supporting the upcoming elections and which you may access here:


I would love to hear your angel-messages on this topic. Please share online (via the reply button) or in person at our Wednesday meeting.


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  1. Read your blog this morning while in Peru. Saw Macchu Picchu yesterday and now we sail in for another 21 days. Thank you for your articles on electing angels.


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