David – God as My Refuge

August 10, 2016


I love finding similarities between the events in the lives of Jesus and David.  Jesus could pass through an angry mob ready to stone him, and David was hidden from King Saul although others could easily find him.  It was as if David was wearing an invisibility cloak protecting him from Saul, or “clad in the panoply of Love” as described by another female author (Science and Health, p. 571). Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines “panoply” as “complete armor or defense,” and the psalms this week speak of God as a refuge and fortress, enclosing you in safety.

You might also spot some similarities between Saul and John the Baptist.  Included on the readings page is a link with photos of the rugged terrain beyond Jordan where John baptized and Jesus escaped (John 10:40).

What about the questions asked by David (Are you pursuing a dead dog, a flea?) and Jesus (Were you expecting to see John, a reed shaken by the wind?) These questions highlighted that the missions of David and John were not insignificant. Mrs. Eddy repeated this question:

“What went ye out for to see?” A person, or a Principle? Whichever it be, determines the right or the wrong of this following” (My. 117:3).

Here are some Bible notes to help with the stories:

I Samuel 23:28 – The name of this place means either “Rock of Escape” or “Rock of Division.”

I Samuel 24:3 – Saul went in to relieve himself, literally “to cover his feet,” a denigrating portrayal of a king.

I Samuel 24:7 – David’s cutting off Saul’s hem is symbolic for emasculation or usurpation of Saul’s kingdom, which is why David’s conscience bothers him. To attack the Lord’s anointed (Saul) was to attack the Lord.  (The New Oxford Annotated Bible, New Revised Standard Version, p. 435)

I had some evidence of the One Mind last Wednesday when I came home from our church service. I was skimming through my FaceBook posts and saw a youtube video shared by Alex Cook, a musician who has performed at our church — both in person and frequently on Sunday’s CDs. Alex was posting a link about a Boys Club in Detroit called the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy, and our readings last Wednesday included the time David spent in Israel’s Cave of Adullam. I always like to read how people apply Bible stories to their own lives, so here’s the link on how this inner city Boys Club has made the Cave of Adullam a contemporary tale: