Treasuring the Christ

January 20, 2016

     There have been several recent Hollywood movies about the dishonesty of large institutions — such as covering up a sexual abuse scandal within a religious denomination (Spotlight), disregarding head injuries by a national football league (Concussion), and creating a fraudulent real estate credit bubble in mortgage banking (The Big Short). The front page of our local newspaper had this recent headline, “Richest Americans adept at dodging income tax burden.” What does our pastor, the Bible and Science and Health, have to say about this attitude of greed and financial dishonesty? Our readings this Wednesday are on the topic of Treasuring the Christ, and as you know, the Bible is full of stories about wealth inequality and distribution of wealth — always interesting subjects to contemplate during an election year!

     So, I hope everyone will ponder the Pastor, whether you are blue, red, striped, independent, indignant, or indifferent, and of course, I hope you can join us today.