Judges – Be Sure and Reverse (Gideon I)

September 23, 2015


     Today we are starting a two-part lesson on Gideon.  In this week’s story, Gideon first asked God for some wool fleece to remain wet in the morning and the ground around it dry. Then Gideon asked for a second sign — that the fleece would be dry the next morning and the surrounding ground wet.
     I had to do some reading in the commentaries and in jsh-online to jump start my inspiration on this story! Many scholars commented that the dew was like God’s grace — first on the Israelites, and then on the world, and that each should help the other when their inspiration was lacking. Others reasoned that the story showed how God’s people were always different from the rest of the world.
     I learned that the first sign — the fleece wet and the ground dry — was naturally occurring — like the dew on grass while the sidewalk is dry. (Or perhaps you’ve noticed the condensation in the morning on the tops of the plastic garbage cans and the outside of the car.)  But then in the second sign, Gideon asked God to reverse what he usually saw and felt. Now that’s a good lesson — reversing what our senses tell us!  And definitely one that Gideon needed to learn before he faced an army much bigger than his own. But that’s next week!
     Included with this week’s readings are some Christian Science articles about Gideon.  There were many to choose from, and I really loved the article by Louise Knight Wheatley Cook discussing Gideon’s early discouragement.