Judges – Women Warriors – casting out the counterfeit for the real

September 16, 2015


     For the next few Wednesday nights, we are going to be learning about some of the judges from the Book of Judges.  Bible scholar Christa Kreutz wrote:
The book of Judges is one of the often overlooked books of the Old Testament and is not always easy to understand. Perhaps the stories in Judges are too reminiscent of the evening news with its topics of war, weaponry, genocide, immigration debates, cultural and religious tension, and moral absenteeism. On the other hand, since the issues people deal with today are not so different, perhaps the book of Judges is worth investigating. (August 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal).
     The military battles in the Book of Judges might remind you of a violent blockbuster movie which makes me think of Mrs. Eddy statement: “…God is all, therefore matter is nothing beyond an image in mortal mind.” (SH 116:18)
     Building upon that thought, these readings begin with a judge destroying matter (and there is lots of that activity in the Old Testament). Then there is a correlating story in the New Testament about God’s all-ness.  The connection for me was a similar statement made about a woman in the Old and New Testament stories. Did you spot the really familiar statement?  Hint – One woman destroyed the counterfeit man, and another conceived the true man.
     This week’s judge is Deborah, a multi-tasking military leader, prophet, and mother.  And then there is the immigrant Jael who used the tools she had in her tent to kill a tyrant.
     Links to some periodical articles about these women are included with the readings. If you don’t have a jsh-online subscription but want to read these articles, you can send me an email, and I can send them to you individually.