No t”error”ism in the kin-dom

September 9, 2015

     Did you think today’s title was a typo? The reasoning behind today’s title is as follows:
I was reading a Circle of Faith blog by Maryl Walters who was participating in an ecumenical discussion. One of the participants commented that in today’s world, where “kingdoms” are few, we might choose a new term, “kin-dom”, to understand our relationships with each other and all of God’s creation.  Then in a Christian Science Sentinel article written shortly after 9/11, I read:
Terror is “error” with a t. Terrorism is evil and has no authority. Reduce the error of terrorism to nothingness in your thought, and it will destroy itself. Terrorism is not of God.  (September 19, 2005).
     Along with the readings, I’ve also included a Christian Science Journal article by Admiral Stansfield Turner, a former director of Central Intelligence under President Jimmy Carter, and certainly an authority on defusing evil energy.