Choose Ye: Irritation or Inspiration (Strife or Persistent Patient Prayer)

May 20, 2015

     In Preparation for the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors of The Mother Church has invited us to again study Mrs. Eddy’s article “Choose Ye” from The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany.  “Choose Ye” is included in Prose Works, and I also included a pdf of this specific article on our Wednesday Readings page.

     Between now and the Annual Meeting (June 8th), our Wednesday services will be considering this topic of “Choose Ye,” beginning with this Wednesday’s topic, “Choose Ye: Irritation or Inspiration,” alternately titled “Choose Ye: Strife or Persistent Patient Prayer.”

     (I think my current study of the Book of Job is affecting my title choices. Thomas Edison’s quote about invention or genius being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration sums up Job’s forty chapters of arguments for me!)

     Much of the story of Isaac will seem familiar to you. A few months ago our readings included the Bible story of Isaac’s father Abraham who told Abimelech that Sarah (Abraham’s wife) was his sister.  Abraham’s prayers resulted in a healing of barrenness for both Abimelech’s family and Abraham’s family.  (Genesis 20-21) There was also a struggle over the same wells, but look at how Isaac’s persistent digging blessed both nations during a famine.

Here’s the names/meanings for those four wells:

Esek – Strife

Sitnah – Hatred

Rehoboth – Room

Shebah – Oath

“To be patient is to love without irritation. As we endeavor to better express love, love grows. So it is with patience.” (from “Expanding our patience,” a 1980 Sentinel article which is linked on the readings page.)