Exterminating error with Truth

April 29, 2015


My original topic was “Banishing Pain: a Call for Instant Action,” but since many of us are currently praying about plagues and pestilence, the readings have been changed to “Exterminating error with Truth.” (SH 469:13)
It should be no surprise that the Bible readings focus on the Egyptian plagues, and the spiritual lessons really stand out when you read them all together.  There are also some excellent early articles in Christian Science periodicals, and below is part of an article by Cyril Hewson from a November 28, 1925 Sentinel explaining about the change in people’s thought during the plagues:
     The Israelites, though believing in the power of God to save and deliver, still believed in the existence of both good and evil; and so evil claimed to manifest itself as power before them. As their understanding of God’s omnipotence grew, however, the correlative understanding of the powerlessness of evil was made manifest; for, as we see when we come to the third plague, the magicians found that they were unable to repeat it, and so, to that extent, the power of evil to delude by its illusions was destroyed.
     It is noteworthy that up to this point the children of Israel themselves suffered from the effects of the chemicalization produced in the land, because they still believed in the power of evil as well as of good. In the next plague, however, and apparently in all the subsequent ones, they, with their land and possessions, were exempt from the effects; while in the seventh plague we find that, even those among the Egyptians themselves who through these experiences had come to give regard to “the word of the Lord,” and read the signs of the times, were able to save themselves and their cattle from destruction. During this time the Israelites had been rising higher in the demonstration of faith in the power of good, so that, although the evil appeared to increase in violence, it had less power to harm them; and, moreover, this demonstration had the effect of benefiting others also who were ready to receive the blessing.
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Comment from a reader – 
Thank you very much for sharing with me. Very inspirational.

While reading your articles on your subject the thought came to mind, all spiritual, perfect, God created ideas are alway in our right place and cannot be otherwise.

Thank you again for sharing.