Healing: the Role of Music and Joy

April 22, 2015


     Last Wednesday’s readings were on “Healing: The Role of Mastering Fear,” and this Wednesday (due to our many Jazz Fest visitors), our topic is “Healing: the Role of Music and Joy.”
     I know there are many testimonies about hymns bringing healing, but are you familiar with this testimony found in Fruitage? Here is the testimony which makes a sweet connection between last Wednesday’s readings and this week:
I think I never realized what fear meant until I began to try and put into practice my understanding of Christian Science for my children. I have proved, however, many times, that fear can neither help nor hinder in our demonstration of truth. The first time I realized this was in the overcoming of a severe case of croup for my little boy. I was awakened one night by the sound that seems to bring terror to every mother’s heart, and found the little fellow sitting up in bed, gasping for breath. I got up, took him in my arms, and went into the next room. My first thought was, “O if only there was another Christian Scientist in town!” But there was not, and the work must be done and done quickly. I tried to treat him, but was so frightened I could not think; so I picked up Science and Health, which lay on the table beside me, and began reading aloud. I had read but a few lines when these words came to me as though a voice spoke, “The word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.” Almost immediately after, the little one said, “Mamma, sing ‘Shepherd,’ ” — our Leader’s hymn, that both the big and the little children love. I began singing, and commencing with the second line, the little voice joined me. I shall never forget the feeling of joy and peace that came over me, when I realized how quickly God’s word, through Science and Health and the beautiful hymn, had accomplished the healing work.  (Science and Health, page 619:18-14)
So, here’s a question for you (which I hope is answered in the Bible readings) — When should you sing or express joy?
     Kaspar Hauser is in our readings from Science and Health, so I have included a link to a podcast by Judy Huenneke about Kaspar Hauser.  Judy is an archivist at the Mary Baker Eddy Library and has shared her knowledge via SKYPE with our Book Club.
Comment from a reader

My! What an interesting talk about Kasper Hauser. Thank you!   Thanks also for sending your Wednesday reading.
You are so consistently organized!  Love It!