The Christmas Story from the Gospel of Matthew

December 10, 2014
We have Christmas readings from the Gospel of Matthew which highlight the fulfillment of
Old Testament prophecies, such as the appearance of a star, a virgin birth, gifts from kings, and even those camels!  There are also links to Bible Notes (check out the interesting women listed in Jesus’ family tree) and to some reference material on Publius Lentulus, who was supposedly a Roman Governor of Judea before Pontius Pilate. The Science and Health readings begin with a “tradition” about Lentulus’ early identification of Jesus as the Son of God, and once again, I am amazed at Mrs. Eddy’s vast knowledge of ancient Christian history.
Please send me an email If you don’t have a jsh-online subscription and want to listen to James Spencer’s podcast on the supposed Lentulus letter which he describes as a “springboard to launch into an explanation of the most momentous, sacred, pure expression of the human and divine coincidence that has ever appeared—the birth of Christ Jesus.”
Have you ever noticed the similarities between the Old and New Testament Josephs, especially the guidance they both receive from their dreams?