Inspired Word of the Bible

November 12, 2014

Our Wednesday services will be exploring different aspects of the Bible over the next three weeks. We will be concluding during National Bible Week which has been celebrated the week of Thanksgiving every year since the beginning of World War II. (The history of National Bible Week is on the readings link.)
The topic for this Wednesday is the “Inspired Word of the Bible.”   The first important point or religious tenet of Christian Science states, “As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.” (SH 497)  
At a glance, this tenet seems straightforward, but what is the “inspired Word”?  Do we skip over verses we disagree with in the Bible because we don’t think of them as the “inspired Word,” or do we have to dig more deeply for our own inspiration?
In this Wednesday’s readings are a few of those Bible verses (I Tim 2:11-15) which we tend to avoid.  How wise of Mrs. Eddy to have a tenet taking the “inspired Word of the Bible” instead of the literal Word as these verses are quite discriminatory in Western culture today. I’ve included some commentary from the Oxford Annotated Bible explaining the history and authorship of those verses.
Justin’s solo on Sunday also made me think of these verses, and so he gave me permission to include the words to his solo on the readings link.
If you bring your inspiration to such passages (and knowing what Mrs. Eddy said about woman in Genesis 2), then you too will be blessed with not the literal but the “inspired Word of the Bible.”