The Rapture? The Rapture!

October 8, 2014

My readings for tonight were originally about John the Baptist, but events this week led me to do some readings and research on the subject of the Rapture in Christian Science. Let me explain:
Over the weekend, Dan and I had seen the movie “Left Behind” while we were visiting Nathan in College Station, TX. Nathan joined us because our primary reason for attending this movie was to see one of Nathan’s friends who had a five-minute appearance next to the star Nicholas Cage in an airport scene. Then in another movie scene, we saw a church friend and Book Club regular who was another extra in this Louisiana production! The movie was about the rapture, a fundamentalist Christian term about when one group of people are left behind on earth while another group disappears for heaven (from Wikipedia).
The term “rapture” (which means in Latin “to catch up” or “take away”) does not appear in the Bible although there are references to such an event in the Bible. The word “rapture” is used in Science and Health, but it is an earlier definition of the word meaning “extreme joy or pleasure” (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary).  Nevertheless, Mrs. Eddy wrote quite a bit about signs of the times, millennial glory, and other terms used with rapture.
Then we had a visitor in our Reading Room yesterday who mentioned that he had met a woman who wanted to talk about the end times, and he wanted to know about the Christian Science view of this subject.  I was grateful that I had just seen the Left Behind movie which had inspired me to give this subject some thought!
I’ve also included a Journal article on Christian Science eschatology (scriptures about the end times) and a podcast on this subject from The Mother Church’s ecumenical “Circle of Faith” website.
One of my goals as Reader is to cover all of Science and Health, even those pages that we seldom (or never) read in church on Sunday. Perhaps eschatology fits within that category, but it is definitely a topic of conversation amongst other churches these days!