Passion Week: Being Watchful

March 19, 2014
We are continuing with our Passion Week timeline, and now we are reading about Jesus’ final parables through his final Passover meal which is referred to as the Last Supper.  Many of the parables in this section deal with being prepared, watchful, and ready.  How fitting and symbolic that this section ends with the Feast of Unleaven Bread, the Passover, which originally commemorated when the Hebrews had to be ready to quickly leave Egypt for the Promised Land, so they did not have time to wait for their bread to rise.
Along with the readings, I have also included another article by Annie Knott entitled the “Sheep and Goats” since this parable might seem strange to many of us.  The writings of Annie Knott, however, might be familiar to many since she wrote one of the reminiscences in We Knew Mary Baker Eddy volume I.  She was also a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, editor of the periodicals, first woman on the Christian Science Board of Directors, and many other accomplishments.
As mentioned last week, it would be great to see everyone on Wednesday, but if not, here is another way to participate.