Passion Week: Humility and Resistance to the Truth — Its Meekness and Might

March 12, 2014

During the next six weeks, our Wednesday readings are focusing on Jesus Christ’s experience during what is termed the Passion Week — — his anointing by Mary “for the day of my burying,” followed by his triumphant procession into Jerusalem, cleansing the temple, his final parables and prayers, the Last Supper, feet-washing, Gethsemane, his trial, crucifixion, and resurrection.
These gospel accounts are considered the heart of the Christian message, and so these Wednesday readings are chronological AND contextual.  In other words, I put the overlapping stories from all four gospels on a timeline and picked what worked best for the readings from the overlapping accounts.  I also included the stories unique to one gospel (usually John), and I also included parts of the gospel story that do not usually appear in our weekly Bible lessons.  Then I divided the gospel story into six sections for the six Wednesdays and was delighted to discover that each section had a theme of its own. I used Science and Health to complement that theme, and naturally, many of these citations come from the chapter “Atonement and Eucharist.”
By reading whole chapters of the Bible, we are learning about parables that we don’t frequently read.  For example, the Parable of the 10 Virgins brings home the theme of being watchful — one of Mrs. Eddy’s favorite admonitions. We will also be reading some beautiful prayers, such as Jesus’ prayer at the close of the Last Supper. (This is John 17, the WHOLE chapter, and if you don’t have time to read anything else before Easter, just read all of that chapter. It is quite beautiful for us to be included in that prayer.)
The text for the Wednesday readings will be posted online on Wednesday mornings.  If you prefer to have the readings fresh for you on Wednesday night, then you may totally disregard the online citations.  However, if you can’t attend the service, perhaps you will be able to read the selections on your own time.  Or, if you are attending the service and want to skim through the readings during the day, then you have the option of bringing your earlier inspiration from the readings to the service.
If specific Bible passages from these gospel stories also appear in Prose Works, then those paragraphs appear at the end of that Wednesday’s readings.  For example, in the first week’s readings, there is the parable about the stone which the builders rejected, and so I’ve included Mrs. Eddy’s comments about this parable from Christian Healing.  It is part of the same Concord document and not on a separate link like the jsh-online articles.  So this Wednesday, for example, I have a separate link for Annie Knott’s “The stone which the builders rejected” from the 1916 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.    (If you know of articles in the periodicals that you would like to include, please let me know or share it at the Wednesday meeting in person.)
Since our Wednesday meetings are in the Sunday School, we will have plenty of Bibles handy if you want to follow along with the Reader.  There are more citations in Science and Health, but it is easy to follow along in the Bible since the readings will be from only a few chapters in two or three gospels each week. (I will have some citation lists on Wednesday night.)
It would be great to see everyone on Wednesday, but if not, here is another way to participate.