Beauty for Ashes

March 5, 2014

Many of our members and friends are unable to attend Wednesday evening church services due to work and family commitments.  Others cannot attend because they are traveling or they live too far away to make a Wednesday night commute, especially if the weather is not favorable.

To prepare the Wednesday readings, I am using Concord, an online concordance from The Christian Science Publishing Society, which enables me to organize the Bible and Science and Health citations so that the full text can be read online. The text for this Wednesday’s reading has been imported onto a special page of our website for our friends and members who cannot attend our Wednesday service in person.  Here is the link to the page with this Wednesday’s services on “Beauty for Ashes.”

If you click on “Beauty for Ashes,” you will go to the Concord printout.  I used the largest font available for you to read on your iPhones and iPads.  That does make the print a bit larger than usual for a PC screen, but I leaned in favor of our many church members and friends who are reading from their mobile devices.

You will notice that below the readings link is another link to a periodical article.  Sometimes in researching a Wednesday night topic, there is an article that I would like to share because it is so timely and appropriate.  With our current local emphasis on the beginning of the Lenten Season, I thought that the article “Fasting from Criticism” to be worth sharing!

You are also welcome to send an email if you would like to share an experience or remark on Christian Science, and we will read it at our Wednesday night service. Or, you can take advantage of the latest technology and send a voice memo, and I will play it back from my iPhone for our Wednesday night congregation.  If you don’t know what the voice memo icon looks like, here is an article with a picture of it and an explanatory video.  (My icon was actually next to FaceTime on the top of the screen; I had never noticed it before.)

If you want to record a testimony, you press the red button to record, and “Done” when you are finished.  Then you select what you recorded and choose the way to send it to me — either email or message. This is the box with an arrow facing up.  (If your phone is not set up to send emails, you can send the voice memo as a message.)

Of course, it would be wonderful if everyone could be in Lakeview at Fourth Church on Wednesdays, but I also realize that many people have time and travel conflicts.  I think we should employ some of the wonderful technology that is available to us, and so I encourage you to give this a try!